British Triathlon Federation (BTF) Rules

Tri Together races are governed by British Triathlon Federation rules. These can be viewed in full on the British Triathlon website.

These are basic, but necessary for the safety and enjoyment of competitors, spectators and the general public. Here are some of the main points:

  • It is the competitor’s responsibility to know and correctly complete the full course of the event.
  • Triathlons are individual endurance events. Any teamwork or outside assistance that provides an advantage over the other competitors is expressly forbidden.
  • Foul or abusive language is not permitted - nor tolerated!
  • Number belts are allowed but please ensure that the number is displayed on your back on the bike and on your front during the run. If using safety pins, they must be attached at all four corners.
  • You must supply your own bike and cycle helmet. Bikes must be in a safe and roadworthy condition with brakes in good working order. Spot checks will be made to verify this. No fixed wheel bikes allowed.
  • All competitors must ensure that they are adequately clothed at all times. The minimum being a one or two piece, non-transparent swim suit.
  • Cycle helmets must be approved by BSI, ANSI, Snell or equivalent standards authorities. Your cycle helmet must be on your head and done up before you touch your bike to take it from the rack. You must not undo it until the bike is re-racked at the end of the bike section.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask at registration, or any of the marshals.