Accessibility at Tri Together

In this section we aim to answer any questions you may have on the accessibility and inclusion at Tri Together from registration to the event itself. Simply click on a topic to find out more.

If you can't find the answer to your question(s) here, please contact Matt on 020 3242 0396 or send us a message.

Event registration

We want to make sure it is as easy as possible for you to register for Tri Together. Click here for more details on how we accept registration in a number of ways.

Registration on the day

London: Registration will take place in a marquee on the running track in the Jubilee Stadium. The reason for this is so that registration, finish and transition is now all in the one area and on the one level.

Access to the registration area is as follows:

  1. Before the race starts (before 11am) There will be vehicle access to registration and the transition area (where you need to check in your bike and/or racing wheelchair in some cases)via the road behind the stadium road. 
  2. After the race starts (after 11am) The stadium and registration can be accessed via a ramp outside the Sports Hall Entrance which will bring them down to the same level as the track without having to enter the main sports centre and use the lift. Vehicle access to this ramp will be reserved for disabled participants only from a slip road via the main centre car park. 
  3. At all times participants can access the stadium and registration/finish area through lift access in the main sports centre reception. The lift door is 80cm wide with the interior of the lift 100cm in width.

Glasgow: Registration will take place in the main sports hall at the Bellahouston Sports Centre. Access from registration to poolside and transition (on the cycling track within the park) is all on one level and will be made wheelchair accessible with tracking.

The Venue

Although there are many accessible swimming pools, cycle routes and run routes across the UK, finding an accessible venue that could host all three sports was always going to be a challenge.

But we are confident that with some adaptations the venues we have chosen for Tri Together in London and Glasgow will make your triathlon experience a little easier than most sports events.

Please see our race/course details page for course maps to familiarize yourself with the terrain before the event.

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Personal assistance in registration, changing and transition

There will be a large number of trained marshals to advise and direct you on the day. However, if you have a disability, and you require someone to assist with your personal needs in registration, changing and transition, we ask that you bring a Personal Assistant (PA) with you. Please ensure you indicate this on your registration form or notify us by email in advance of the event so we can ensure access for them on the day.

We will not be able to provide volunteers to help with such requirements on the day.

Accessible changing rooms

London: The centre is split over 3 floors. The main reception and café is situated on the ground floor, the 50m pool on the mezzanine level and the 25m (training pool) on the lower ground floor, where the Tri Together swim takes place.

  • On the lower ground floor of the centre, there are two dedicated accessible male and female changing rooms with accessible showers and toilet which can accommodate 2/3 wheelchair users at any one time. There is direct access from these changing rooms to the poolside.
  • The main female and male changing rooms also on the lower ground floor are very large and open plan with lots of room for changing. However, the showers in these main changing rooms have a small step up into them and so are not suitable for wheelchair users.
  • There are more accessible male and female changing rooms on the mezzanine level. The main toilets on this level both have an accessible cubicle and sink.

Glasgow: The centre is located all on level and is wheelchair accessible throughout. The changing rooms consist of a changing village with individual cubicles for users. There are several large accessible changing rooms with hoists available for use.

Transition Toilets

There will be additional accessible toilets at registration/finish and transition area at both venues.

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The swim – 400m

  • Indoor 25m pools
  • Hoist access or trained water handling volunteers
  • No time limit (max time for previous 400m swims was 25mins)

Both 25m indoor pool lends themselves to being accessible. At no more than 1.1m deep and a dedicated wide lane, there is every reason to take part in the swim.

For disabled athletes who require assistance in and out of the pool, we will have trained water handling volunteers who will ensure quick and easy access in and out of the water for your swim.

These volunteers will be trained in association with British Paratriathlon.

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Disabled athletes will be allowed to have a personal assistant (PA) accompany them on the day to assist in transition. If you are a wheelchair athlete and require two people to transfer you into a hand cycle or racing chair, we can provide an trained volunteer to help.

Your PA will need to attend registration with you so they can collect an ID badge which will give them access to the transition area.

There will also be chairs available in the transition area. If required, please request a chair be placed beside your bike when racking your bike before the race.

Visually impaired athletes are allowed a guide to accompany them on a tandem for the cycle and tethered to them on the run.

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Transition from swim to run

All pool exits are wheelchair accessible and marshalled so you will be directed to transition safely.

If you have a team mate they should be waiting for you in transition to TAG. (If you are the team cyclist, make sure that you are waiting in the tag area from when your team’s swimmer begins). To tag you need to transfer to them your team Chip and ensure they put this securely around their ankle. Tag only in the designated area. Your swim time will end at transition when you pass over a timing mat.

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The cycle

London: The bike course follows a largely flat route through Crystal Palace Park on full paved surfaces. There is a long, slow ascent (max 9% gradient) on the outward section of the route which will have dedicated marshals on hand to assist those on hand cycles or recumbent bikes that may get into difficulty.

Cyclists will complete several laps of the loop. Cyclists will then return to the transition area to drop off their bikes or hand over to their team mate for the run.

Glasgow: The bike course follows a very flat accessible route through Bellahouston Park on fully paved surfaces.

Cyclists will complete several laps of the loop. Cyclists will then return to the transition area to drop off their bikes or hand over to their team mate for the run.

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Alternative bikes and cycles

Interested in cycling but can’t use a conventional bicycle? There are many alternatives to the old-fashioned upright 2 wheeled bikes, such as handcycles, recumbent bicycles and tandem bikes that can enable disabled people to enjoy the sport of cycling.

If you are interested in trying out any of these alternatives in order to take part in the cycle section of Tri Together,we can put you in touch with local cycling partners for you to train with. We can also arrange to have an appropriate bike transported to the event, free of charge.

If you would like some more information on an adapted bike, simply or call 020 3242 0396.

You could also try, a FREE and easy-to-use website designed to make buying and selling second-hand disability equipment painless. If you are considering taking part in the whole triathlon, you might want to consider looking for a second hand bike so you can train in advance.

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Transition from cycle to run

Runners will come out of transition and enter the park. However, there is a short steep descent from the entrance to the main footpaths.

Volunteers will be on hand to assist in this area should you get into difficulty.

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The run

The run will incorporate laps in leafy surrounding parks (there is a very short, steep descent on one section of the London course, but should be manageable for everyone). Volunteers will be on hand to assist in these areas, should you get into difficulty.

In London, the paths on the park are wide, compacted gravel paths which allow ample room for runners to over take each other easily without any danger.

In Glasgow, the paths are wide, concrete or tarmac paths which allow ample room for runners to over take each other easily without any danger.

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Prefer to walk or be pushed?

Participants are welcome to walk the ‘running’ course and wheelchair users can be pushed if preferred. While Tri Together is a race, the event is meant to be a personal challenge, so we are more than happy for you to go at your own pace.

Please let us know if a member of your team or a PA will be pushing you.

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Accessible parking

There will be dedicated accessible parking bays in the main car park at the entrance nearest to the main sports centre reception. There will be marshals who will ensure disabled bays are reserved for disabled athletes and provide any assistance with unloading and loading of kit.

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Transport links

Trains from London Victoria, London Bridge, Clapham Junction and Croydon go directly to Crystal Palace station which is immediately next to the main entrance. On exiting the station turn right, Crystal Palace is less than 5 minutes walk from the station. Penge West, Penge East and Anerley stations are also within easy walking distance.

Crystal Palace railway station is now step free. Crystal Palace is also served by a number of other train stations including:

  • Penge East - Complete step free access 
  • Penge West – Partial step free access 
  • Sydenham - Complete step free access 
  • Anerley - Partial step free access 
  • West Norwood - Complete step free access 
  • Crystal Palace – Complete step free access

For full details of the accessibility of these stations, please see the map below.

We will be notifying all of the above stations that they may have wheelchair users using their stations on the day of the event to avoid any unnecessary problems.

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View Tri Together - how to get there in a larger map

Training and taster sessions

Like any sport, it is important that you train and ensure you are both physically fit and will avoid injury, all of which will maximize your fun, enjoyment and sense of achievement from the triathlon event. The very best preparation is probably to join your local triathlon club. For a full list of triathlon clubs, please visit the British Triathlon website.

Tri Together has the full support of the local triathlon club, Crystal Palace Triathletes. They welcome disabled and non-disabled members of all abilities. They are a very friendly and sociable club that train in the Crystal Palace area and in particular Crystal Palace Park where Tri Together takes place. If you would like to join their club or find out more information visit or call Chris Hall on 07733 321041.

We'll be holding free taster sessions in the run up to all events to give you the chance to try out the swim, cycle and run course.

Triathlon coaches and experienced sports professionals will be on hand to give one-to-one advice for those taking part in a triathlon for the first time.

There will also be opportunities to try out sports wheelchairs and alternative cycles such as recumbent trikes, hand cycles and tandem bicycles.

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