Diversity and inclusion

Learn how to become a disability inclusive employer, discover how to speak to disabled consumers and see how Disability Awareness Training can affect your business.

Become a disability inclusive employer and access an untapped pool of talent

Change 100 is an award-winning talent programme that brings together top employers and talented disabled students and graduates to offer three months of paid work experience. The programme supports employers to become disability confident, reach their diversity and inclusion targets and aims to remove barriers experienced by disabled people in the workplace; enabling them to achieve their potential.

Change 100 employers benefit from disability equality training, free promotion in all Change 100 marketing, networking opportunities with other Change 100 employers, improved employee morale through staff engagement opportunities and much much more!

90% of employers reported that Change 100 added value to their organisation, brand and staff morale.

100% of employers said they experienced goodwill internally with staff as a result of increasing disability awareness and confidence

Disability Awareness training

Thanks to our partners, we can spread awareness and increase understanding of disability. We can get specialised trainers or experts to speak to staff and organise disability awareness training.

Are you losing out on the Purple Pound?

In the UK, disabled consumers and their families are spending £249 Billion that inaccessible businesses are losing out on. We can assess how accessible your company is. A small group of people with diverse disabilities could come visit your shop, hotel, restaurant, leisure or healthcare centre and provide practical, actionable advices to improve accessibility.