Ways to vote and accessibility

Councils must ensure that polling stations are accessible to disabled people.

Disabled voters are entitled to:

  • request assistance to mark their ballot paper
  • access to a device for visually impaired people or those with limited dexterity to mark their ballot paper in secret
  • large print versions of ballot papers
  • assistance to access to the polling station

You can also request a postal vote if you prefer, although this will mean that you have to vote earlier.

You may want to vote by proxy, which means that someone else goes to the polling station and votes on your behalf.

Mencap has developed a guide to the voting process (PDF) which gives you all the information you need.

At Leonard Cheshire Disability we do not support candidates or parties in elections but we want all the disabled people we support to be able to participate if they wish. We will support you in voting if you wish to do so, but it’s important to ensure first that you are registered to vote.