Voting and elections

Many of the decisions that affect disabled people are made by elected politicians.

For example, members of parliament pass laws like the Equality Act, which protects disabled people's rights. Local councillors take the final decision on how much money councils spend on care and support.

There may also be elections for local representative in your area such as your mayor, councillors and MPs.

When you vote, you get to choose from a list of politicians who are standing to represent you. Politicians are usually part of a political party and will have their own views about how the country should be run. You can also vote for candidates who are not part of a political party — they stand as independent candidates.

The government estimates that there are more than 11 million disabled people across the UK, meaning that disabled people can play a crucial role in deciding the result of elections. It’s why registering to vote so that you can have your say is so important.

Find out about registering to vote and how to vote.