In Wales, Leonard Cheshire Disability Cymru Wales has been campaigning to improve the new law affecting social care in Wales so that people who need care get the right support. The new law is meant to give people who get care more ‘voice and control’ over the support they get and puts wellbeing at the heart of care.

We lead the Social Care and Wellbeing Alliance Wales, a new group that is pushing to improve wellbeing for people in Wales.

We have also been pressuring the Welsh Government to take action on ‘flying’ 15-minute care visits. A change to the law during the final stage now means that when arranging for someone to have care in their home, local councils must make sure there is enough time to provide the care and support required to meet their needs. This is really good news!

We're looking forward to working with the Welsh Government to make sure this means that everyone who needs them is able to get dignified home care visits with enough time to do important tasks like getting up and having something to eat.

This year, people living in Wales will be able to vote in the European Parliament elections. Find out about registering to vote and access to voting.