My Support, My Choice

In 2013 we saw real changes take place as a result of the campaigning we’ve been doing to give disabled people more choice and control over the care they get.

The Scottish Parliament passed the Self-Directed Support (Scotland) Act - which for the first time gave disabled people the chance to handle the money that pays for their care themselves.

As well as giving people the choice to manage their own care, councils now have to provide what is known as an ‘individual service fund’. In this case the council looks after the money but the person getting care is in charge of how it is spent. Alternatively, the person receiving care can choose a mix of these options for different types of support.

We responded to the consultation on the rules how the new law will be used (the ‘statutory guidance’) and also worked with partner organisations such as the Coalition of Care and Support Providers in Scotland (CCPS).

The Scottish Goverment has published The Personal Assistant Employer’s Handbook. This is a useful guide for anyone planning to use their direct payments to pay for a personal assistant.