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Our chief executive responds to today's Communities and Local Government Committee report on adult social care.

Our chief executive responds to the announcement by the government to devolve powers to London and Greater Manchester to deliver employment support, said:

At least 34 councils in England admit they continue to commission 15-minute visits for personal care, despite official guidance saying they shouldn’t do so.

Thousands of disabled and older people are still receiving undignified homecare in 15-minute slots despite official guidance against these ‘flying’ care visits.

Neil Heslop responds to a letter from the chairs of three select committees urging a cross-party agreement on the future of health and social care funding.

This is yet another unsustainable, temporary fix that will leave thousands of disabled people without essential care.

Raising council tax would only be a temporary sticking plaster in the face of a much bigger problem with social care.

Our chief executive responds to reports that the government intends to allow local councils to raise council tax by 6% over two years,

Natasha Jetha discusses how continued funding cuts in social care are adding to the already huge pressures on the NHS.

Julie, 30, standing outdoors with walking aid

Julie needs to know emergency care will be there when she needs it.


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