No place like home

Ruby and Cody - Home TruthsRuby's story was in our second report for Home Truths, No Place Like Home: 5 million reasons to make housing disabled-friendly, which looked at the growing need for more disabled-friendly housing.

Our report found:

  • 300,000 disabled people are on housing waiting lists across Great Britain
  • only 5% of homes in England can be visited by someone using a wheelchair
  • one in six disabled adults and half of all disabled children live in housing that isn’t suitable for their needs

We also found that councils are worryingly unaware of where suitable homes are in their area.

Ruby and Cody’s Home Truth

Ruby lives in Barry in South Wales with her son Cody, who has the degenerative condition Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Cody currently finds it difficult getting up the stairs on his own and this will only get worse as time goes on and his illness progresses.


‘I’m very worried about what will happen if we have to stay here once Cody has to use a wheelchair. He won’t be able to sleep in his bedroom, or use the bathroom privately, and the impact on his life, and our lives, will be enormous. 

‘There are new developments being built in Barry, but neither the council nor private developers are building enough homes to cater for families like us who need them. 

‘The life expectancy for someone living with Duchenne is only 27 years. Our precious time together shouldn’t be wasted struggling to get out of the front door, or get down the stairs. We should be able to enjoy our lives together while we can.’ — Ruby

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