The long wait for a home

Adam features in our briefing, The Long Wait for a Home, which reveals that disabled people are facing delays to home adaptations as a result of breaches in the law by local councils.

The main findings are:

  • nearly two-thirds of councils are failing to complete home adaptations for disabled people within the one year legal limit
  • almost half of councils are making disabled people wait more than two years for adaptations which would prevent illness and injuries from unsuitable homes
  • funding for disabled facilities grants is falling when demand is increasing
  • 96 per cent of occupational therapists believe home adaptations reduce the need for social care

 Five million of us have a mobility problem and could benefit from a disabled-friendly home.Lots of people who are affected by the lack of disabled friendly homes have got in contact to share their story. Read Adam's story below or why not share your own

Adam’s Home Truth

Adam in his wheelchair in front of the step into his houseAdam was featured in our briefing after his council refused to pay for adaptations within his home. Adam, 51, is a wheelchair user who became disabled following an accident at work. He has waited over 10 years for a home which is safe for him to live in. This is despite being moved into a housing association home which he was told could be easily adapted to meet his needs.

Adam was initially told he would receive DFG funding for a wet-room and kitchen extension so he could use them both in his wheelchair. 

However, the council later refused the work, saying he would have to pay up to £100,000 out of his own pocket — substantially more than he and his family could afford. 

‘I rely on a wheelchair but can’t use it in my own home. I move around my home by hanging onto furniture or crawling. When I can’t get upstairs I have to use a bucket as a toilet, wash at the kitchen sink and sleep in a chair. It’s humiliating.’ — Adam

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