The hidden housing crisis

Our first report, which features Sue's story, reveals the shocking impact of the lack of disabled friendly homes in the UK. The Hidden Housing Crisis found that disabled and older people are having to wash at their kitchen sinks and use commodes in their dining rooms due to unsuitable housing. Our research found that:

  • 1 in 10 people in Great Britain report some kind of mobility problem. That is five million people who would benefit from a disabled-friendly home

  • almost three quarters (72%) of people with a mobility problem said that they do not have a door into their building that is easy to get through

  • more than half (52%) of people with a mobility problem say that they do not have doors or hallways wide enough for a wheelchair

  • half of those who have a mobility problem say that they do not have stairs that are big enough for a stair-lift to be fitted

This means that many thousands of people could be trapped only being able to use a couple of rooms in their homes. Below Sue shares her story of living in a home that is unsuitable for her needs.

Sue's story

Sue featured in our report after she has been trying to move to a disabled-friendly home for more than two years. She cannot go upstairs, so has to sleep in her living room and wash at her kitchen sink.

With our support, Sue set up a petition for more disabled-friendly homes. She asked the housing ministers from across the UK to meet her to hear how the lack of disabled-friendly homes is making her life a misery. The petition was handed in to 10 Downing Street on 6 March 2015.