Home Truths

National government and local councils are failing to provide the disabled-friendly homes the UK needs. Disabled and older people are having to wash at their kitchen sinks or use commodes in their living rooms because of this.

We want to see house builders and all political parties commit to making sure the next generation of homes are all easily adaptable.

We 've published four reports which highlight different aspects of these issues, through personal stories of those directly affected. Read below about the impact living in inaccessible housing has.

We have also produced a guide on how you can start your own 'Home Truths' campaign, which can give you all the help you need to campaign for more disabled-friendly housing.

1. The hidden housing crisis

Sue - Home TruthsSue slipped down the stairs two years ago and now uses a wheelchair. Since then, Sue has had to sleep in her living room and wash at her kitchen sink whilst she looks for a disabled-friendly home.

Find out more about the challenges Sue faces and the impact it’s having on her. 

2. The real cost

Stacie and May - Home TruthsStacie has leukaemia and her daughter May is severely brain-damaged. May cannot walk or sit up unaided. They have been on the housing waiting list for over two years.

Read more about the impact that unsuitable housing has had on Stacie’s health.

3. No place like home

Ruby and Cody - Home TruthsRuby’s young son Cody has Duchenne muscular syndrome and finds it increasingly difficult to get up the stairs in their home. Ruby wants to make sure they get as much out of the time they have as a family but they are stuck waiting for a suitable home.

Find out how Ruby feels about being stuck on the housing waiting list. 

4. The long wait for a home

Adam - Home TruthsAdam became disabled after an accident at work. As a wheelchair user he needs adaptations to be made to his home but his council has refused to pay for the changes that would cost his family £100,000.

Read about how Adam deals with living in a home that’s not safe for him.