Our work with others

As part of the Disability Benefits Consortium, we have campaigned on Personal Independance Payments(PIP), urging the government to stop re-assessing people for PIP whilst those claiming PIP for the first time are still waiting long periods of time, up to 3 months and sometimes longer to see if they are able to get the payment.

We have called upon the government to investigate the impact of the benefits changes on disabled people. A major re-think of how the cuts are being delivered is vital to prevent disabled people being pushed further into poverty. We recently highlighted how many disabled people are being forced to use foodbanks due to cuts to the money they receive from the government to help them with the extra costs of being disabled.

We also told the government we think they should change the test disabled people must take to be able to receive payments when they are unable to work due to their disability. This is called the Work Capability Assessment (WCA). We believe the test fails to determine if people are unable to work because of their disability and often finds people who are very unwell fit for work, when it is clear they are not.

We also provided evidence to an independent review of the WCA.