Social Care and Wellbeing Alliance Wales

The alliance is a group of 20 organisations representing the thousands of children, older and disabled people who rely on social care and their families and carers. It formed in January 2014 to push for improvements to well-being for people in Wales.

This group follows on from the advisory group which worked directly with the committee of Assembly Members examining the new law on social care in Wales.

The advisory group’s work has resulted in some really positive changes to the law including:

  • Suitable accommodation is now included in the definition of well-being that is at the heart of the new care law.
  • New rules will ensure that people are involved when the local council assesses whether or not they get care.
  • Councils won’t be able to charge people for information and advice about care and support.
  • Councils must promote people's independence, respect their dignity and make sure they are involved in decisions that affect them.
  • The power to charge for advocacy for certain groups of people has been removed.

You can follow Social Care and Wellbeing Alliance on Twitter at @SCWAWales.