Time commitment

As little or as much as each volunteer wishes.

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Role description

To raise awareness of disability-related topics and to share personal stories with the media.

We’re interested in sharing a wide array of disability-related stories with the media, from campaigning for better transport, to more personal, individual stories and are open to suggestions for content from volunteers.

Whether volunteers want to write a blog, give an interview on radio or TV or do a Q&A with a journalist via email, we want to help them speak to the media in a way that works for them. 

Volunteers don’t need to have any previous experience in the media or involvement with us. 

We want to understand the areas that interest each media volunteer and what kind of content they would like to get involved in; magazine, radio, TV, blogging, vlogging or anything else!

Full support will be offered to help media volunteers to undertake media work. Expenses will also be covered.

Volunteers will be offered each media opportunity on an ‘opt in’ basis and their details will not shared with journalists until they have opted in. 

With their permission, media volunteers’ details will be stored on a Leonard Cheshire database listing their contact details, contact preferences, media volunteering preferences, a list of areas willing to speak on and previous work for us. This will be viewable to Leonard Cheshire staff but they will only be contacted by the Leonard Cheshire press and campaigns team, unless they opt in to receive marketing information.

All media volunteers reserve the right to say no to any media opportunity that arises at any stage.

Some opportunities may require travelling to a radio or TV studio, accommodating journalists at home or alternatively completing an interview via telephone, email or other software as required. Often requests come in quite last minute from journalists, so availability is sometimes an advantage, however many journalists will work round a volunteer’s schedule and there will also be lots of work with much longer and more flexible timescales.

We will take time to understand volunteer’s capacity and, with permission, share with journalists their needs during interviews, i.e. time to rest from travelling before being interviewed or if a person needs to see questions before an interview takes place.

Due to the nature of press, a journalist may drop a story/not include quotes. When this happens, Leonard Cheshire will do everything possible to ensure it shares a media volunteer’s story on the charity’s own channels.

Opportunity highlights

Speaking to journalists

Speaking to Leonard Cheshire staff

Contributing to Leonard Cheshire campaigns and press stunts

As little or as much as each volunteer wishes.