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Action for Access

Many disabled people face problems carrying out everyday activities like going to the cinema, paying bills or using the bank or post office because services haven't been provided in an accessible way.

Whether you’re a disabled person, a shopkeeper, an elected representative or an interested individual, we can all take Action for Access.

What can I do?

You can survey all kinds of places you visit — shops, pubs and even public transport — and highlight poor access problems to the people who run them.

What can I do as a shop manager or business owner?

Whether you run a corner shop, a leisure complex or a restaurant, you have a duty under the Equality Act to provide the same level of service to disabled customers as non-disabled customers. You can also read the Equality and Human Rights Commission's guidance for businesses.

What can I do as an elected representative?

Talking to disabled people in your constituency about their experiences of access is a great place to start. Check your own accessibility too – how can disabled constituents access your surgery? Do you provide information in a variety of ways?

What are my rights?

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has produced guidance on your rights as a customer of a business.