Our approach

Our work has an impact on individuals, the public, organisations, and at a nationwide level in order to reach this goal.

How we're making a difference

We believe in a fair and inclusive world, where everyone can live as they choose. Our impact framework – Making a difference – sets out how we seek to achieve this.

The framework is broken down into more detail in the following theory of change models.

Impact for individuals

Our aims

  • Disabled people feel respected, valued and safe, choose where and how they live, and participate freely in social and leisure activities.
  • People achieve improved learning outcomes, their aspirations for work, and financial control.
  • People can optimise their health and wellbeing.

Our actions

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Working for you

We work directly with disabled people to remove barriers they face to live, learn and work as they choose.

Impact on organisations and the public

Our aims

  • The public adopts inclusive behaviours towards people with disabilities.
  • Communities are fully accessible – including homes, public spaces and transport.
  • Education providers and employers enable full participation.
  • Technology, products and services are designed to be inclusive.

Our actions

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Working with organisations

We work with organisations and the public to adopt inclusive behaviours and practices.

Impact globally and nationally

Our aims

  • Full implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Laws enable individuals to live, learn and work as they choose.
  • Resources are allocated to ensure policies are delivered in practice.

Our actions

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Working globally

We influence local, national and global governments to change laws and policies which positively affect the lives of disabled people.