Richard’s story — Kenya

16 June 2014

Richard was born in 2004 in Nakuru, Kenya. The youngest in a family of three, his parents took him for an educational assessment at the age of four as they had concerns about his development. The assessment found that he had an intellectual disability together with behavioural problems.

Richard was referred to a residential school for children with intellectual disabilities, where he went for two years. However, although Richard was now living far away from home, his mother felt that he was still learning very little and his behaviour was not improving.

Our inclusive education project team spoke to his mother and told her about Karanda Primary School, one of our project schools which is local to Richard’s family. With our support, Richard was enrolled in Karanda Primary School.

Richard has greatly benefited from learning in a mainstream school alongside other children with and without disabilities. In just a short while his mother has noticed a dramatic improvement in his behaviour. He is much calmer and can now follow routine well. While toileting used to be a problem, he can now signal when he needs to go to the bathroom — something that can be attributed to learning from his classmates.