Nurunnahar and Rekha — Bangladesh

16 June 2014

‘When I came to know that my daughter had a physical disability, it was a shock to us. We were really frustrated and didn’t know what to do to take care of her,’ says Nurunnahar, mother of Rekha, a five-year-old child with a physical disability. She lives along with her husband and two children in a small village in Pakistan. 

Our inclusive education project team identified Rekha and spoke to Nurunnahar many times about sending her to school. They also spoke to the school authorities, and with our continuous support, Rekha is now enrolled in her local primary school. Nurunnahar says: ‘It was the happiest moment of my life.’

Nurunnahar is also president of her local parents group. Through this group, she and 14 other parents meet monthly and work together to promote the rights of children with disabilities to go to school. They encourage other local families to send their children to school and raise awareness of disability within their communities. Leonard Cheshire Disability, with support from our local partner GUK, has formed 33 similar parents groups in the project area.

Nurunnahar says: ‘With our continuous effort, we can clearly see that the attitude of the community towards children with disabilities is changing.’