Eustine’s story — Zimbabwe

16 June 2014

Eustine working with electronicsEustine Manjovha has a physical disability caused by polio. She is 34 years old and lives with her husband and four children in Harare, Zimbabwe. She and her husband used to run an electrical shop. However, it collapsed due to financial difficulties. They struggled to make ends meet and were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to keep their children in school.  

Eustine found out about our Livelihoods Resource Centre in Harare, set up by our livelihoods project in Zimbabwe. After some initial careers guidance, we arranged for her to take part in a training scheme organised by SETA technoparks to develop the skills needed to manufacture a range of electrical gadgets. She is now getting a monthly income via this scheme.

Eustine is also an experienced sign language interpreter. She is being employed by the project to help support people with hearing impairments that use the Livelihoods Resource Centre’s services. We have also supported Eustine to apply for a housing grant to build a home that meets her accessibility needs. She has been offered a plot at a highly subsidised rate and is now in the process of submitting a planning application for her new home. 

With all these new developments, Eustine’s confidence has been boosted and she is very excited about the changes in her life. She says: ‘Cheshire has brought so much happiness and joy to my life. I will now own my house and be able to work without begging from others.’