Alpin’s story — The Philippines

16 June 2014

Alpin sitting at a tableAlpin has a physical disability. He is the youngest in the family and he was raised in Metro Manila. Driven by a strong sense of aspiration, Alpin successfully completed primary and secondary education, but unfortunately couldn't to go further in education because his family was unable to support him financially.

After school Alpin was determined to make a better life for himself. He had a few jobs, but experienced a great deal of discrimination and stereotyping in the workplace because of his disability.

Alpin was referred to our livelihoods project in Manila by his friends. He completed a series of training courses that developed his communication skills and entrepreneurial ability. He was provided with a livelihood enhancement kit which gave him additional capital for his business.

Alpin is now earning a good daily income from his watch repair shop. With his small business, he is able to live independent and pay his rent, bills and food. He says: ‘Every disability is coupled with a special ability. We should strive to always put our best foot forward in all opportunities in life.’