Moving from 15-minute care to person-centred commissioning

5 March 2014

Leonard Cheshire Disability brought together representatives from local government, policy groups and home care providers for a roundtable discussion on the problem of 15-minute care visits.

This report sets out the issues and recommendations. These include how the Department of Health can make best use of the legal guidance accompanying the Care Bill to ensure people get the care they need.


There is a fundamental issue here of care versus cost. 'Care' must be personalised and very much user centric and most certainly needs led. It is not possible to say that a person with support needs requires exactly the same amount of time each day as the very fact that they require support. There would be more sense in having a weekly allocation for an individual and this to be used flexibly as and where required. If the needs assessment has been implemented correctly then this should balance it out more or less. Rigidity in care is demeaning and ineffective and potentially compromised an individuals right to respect and dignity. This matter must be addressed.