Strategic report

Male wheelchair user and non-disabled man out for a walkWe will focus on six strategic objectives over the next year. These objectives reflect our highest priorities. We will work to:

  1. Enrich disabled people’s lives and improve the services we offer them by launching Future Choices: a project that will help us to better understand what disabled people need from us
  2. Provide new services to deliver our strategy for UK social care.
  3. Put in place our international strategy.
  4. Improve our quality and efficiency by improving the way we manage the time of staff teams.
  5. Seize the opportunities provided by the UK election and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to influence funding decisions in a way that will lead to better outcomes for disabled people around the world.
  6. Steward carefully the charity’s resources by ensuring that costs are managed carefully.

We have set milestones and key performance indicators for all these objectives. These will help us to measure our progress and keep us on track to achieving our goals.