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Our strategy 2017 — 2022

In March 2017, we agreed our new strategy of ‘Supporting Journeys towards Independence’.

It provides a renewed and unifying purpose for all of us.

Staff, volunteers and supporters, working together with the people we serve, will use the new strategy to drive everything we do, from daily activities to large multi-year initiatives.

In delivering our strategy we have three priorities:

1. Support through community

We will support people living with disability as they choose how to live, learn and work in their communities. Our ambition will be achieved by pursuit of three themes:

  • Live

Supporting individuals to live life as they decide whether independently, in a modern assisted living or residential care setting, with easy access to local shops and leisure activities, getting involved in their community however they wish, and being in control of the support they receive.

  • Learn

Supporting children with disability into education in Asia and Africa, and young people with disability everywhere as they acquire confidence from volunteering experiences and IT skills.

  • Work

Supporting adults with disability as they develop their chosen careers through education, work experience and internship opportunities, and in progressing into employment or entrepreneurship.

2. Impact through partnership

We will grow our impact through effective partnerships with organisations that share our values and aims.  This includes businesses, not-for-profits, DPOs, governments and global agencies.

3. Influence through insight

We will use insight from those we serve, research findings and innovative programmes to influence positive change for people living with disability around the world.

Leonard Cheshire exists to improve life choices of people with disability.