Response to today's OBR findings

16 January 2019

In response to today's findings from the Office for Budget Responsibility concerning PIP and reforms to the UK’s disability benefits system, our Chief Executive Neil Heslop said:

‘These latest findings provide further evidence of the need for a re-think on welfare reform. Ill-conceived changes to Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payments have not only caused huge harm but also achieved the exact opposite of what was intended, driving up costs by 20%  instead of cutting them. 

‘These austerity measures have caused considerable suffering for  disabled people who haven’t been able to access much-needed financial support. This has deepened inequality pushing thousands of disabled people into poverty.

‘The OBR’s report illustrates that the increasing prevalence of disability means many of these problems will only be exacerbated if the current approach persists.

‘It is critical that we have a welfare system that works for our most vulnerable communities, and regain the trust of the many people who have been failed by the current situation.’

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