Creature Discomforts

In 2007, Leonard Cheshire teamed up with Aardman Animations to produce a series of ads tackling public prejudice against disabled people.

Brian, a wheelchair-using bull terrierThe ads were similar to Aardman's famous Creature Comforts series — but with the claymation characters all voiced by real disabled people.

The first set of ads featured Peg the hedgehog, Slim the stick insect, Flash the sausage dog, Tim the tortoise, Spud the slug and Brian the bull terrier.

Watch the ads in the playlist below, as well as a behind-the-scenes video!


You can also watch Creature Discomforts with BSL sign language.

Creature Discomforts series 2

A pair of Aardman hands adjusting the beak of Ozzy the owl for a frame of animationFollowing the success of the first series, in 2008 we created a second series, with a focus on younger disabled people.

Debra Reynolds, the voice of Cath the catMeet Millie the mouse, Cath the cat, Callum the chameleon, Roxy the rabbit, Ozzy the owl and Sonny the shrimp — and you'll see the voices behind them in the making-of video below.


You can also watch Creature Discomforts 2 with BSL sign language.