UK Disability History Month 2014

To mark Disability History Month this year, we are sharing archive material about the early days of our organisation.

No Limits

‘Given the tools, there is no limit to what disabled people can do.’

This extract from a film produced in the 1950s by disabled people who lived at our first care home, Le Court, shows some of the ingenious assistive technology they helped invent to carry out daily activities.

Care worker Peggie Roberts remembers early days of Le Court

One of our early care workers, Peggie Roberts, made this recording in 1996. She worked at the first care home set up by Leonard Cheshire in the 1950s, Le Court in Hampshire. The photos displayed are also from Le Court during the same era.

Excerpt from Leonard Cheshire interview, 1990

This is an excerpt of a rare interview Leonard Cheshire gave in 1990. He talks about coming out of the war and his motivation behind starting the work which became Leonard Cheshire Disability.

'55 million people have died ... And I thought I've got a kind of duty to those who didn't survive. [To] somehow get involved in the struggle to help build a better peace. A better world.' — Leonard Cheshire

Note: The nature of archive material means the language may differ from that now used around disability. Views expressed are those of individual interviewees.

UK Disability History Month 2014 ran from 22 November to 22 December.