What we said

  • we aim to recruit 20% more volunteers aged under 25, by:

    • continuing our work in A Million Hands and GoIT!
    • taking part in Disability Action Wales, where young people organise and run awareness raising events
    • supporting Future Choices by running projects like Opening Doors in the East of England, these will look at what social and leisure opportunities are available, and how we can recruit new volunteers.
  • we’ll develop a new system of quality assessment for our volunteering programme, to make sure it delivers maximum impact for the people we support

What we did

Person who uses our services in a wheelchair being pushed by a volunteer

We are incredibly grateful to the nearly 3,000 people who volunteered with us during 2016/17 to deliver over 300 group events and nearly 300,000 hours of support.

Out of a total of 1,302 new volunteers, we recruited 361 new regular volunteers under 25, an increase of 20%. 215 Scouts volunteered at our services and 40 volunteers took part in Go IT!. 41 young people volunteered for over 850 hours delivering awareness raising events as part of Disability Action Wales.

Opening Doors recruited 70 volunteers who supported 132 disabled people to access social and leisure opportunities both in house and in the community. The project enabled an increased number and range of activities to be undertaken by the people who use our services.

We were accepted as an accredited activities provider by the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. We have included the quality assessment of our volunteering programme as part of a comprehensive review of our impact during 2017/18.