Support service

What we said

  • develop and implement our people strategy with particular focus on three areas — attracting and recruiting the right people, reward and recognition and empowering and developing our service managers
  • achieve the standards set out in level two of the NHS Information Governance toolkit, continue to improve cyber security and review our approach to paper records management
  • conclude our pilot of the 'right people, right place' project and start its roll out

What we did

Two women sitting at a desk laughing We have undertaken a comprehensive review of pay and conditions for care staff and introduced a services employment framework which is fair and transparent and raises pay above the national living wage, as well as creating a clear career path.

We have introduced a new recruitment system to streamline the process for applicants, together with a new approach to ‘managing for excellence’ in our social care services. We will take forward our right people, right places pilot as part of a comprehensive re-design of our IT systems architecture and processes to modernise our infrastructure and support services.

We achieved the standards set out in level two of the NHS Information Governance toolkit with a further development plan now in place. This plan focuses on completing agreed actions and further consolidating information governance into our organisation.

We have a programme of continual improvement for cyber security, reflecting the rapidly changing external environment. 

In 2017, we worked with our internal auditors to benchmark ourselves against the UK Communications — Electronics Security Group’s (CESG) ‘10 Steps to Cyber Security’ framework. This has identified a further development plan for continued vigilance in this area.

We have reviewed our overall approach to paper records management and integrated future improvements into an infrastructure and systems development plan.