Working well and becoming more effective

Laura on an exercise bike at DanybrynWe’re always looking for ways to improve the way we work. After all, the more efficiently we work, the better we can support the people who need us most.

What we achieved last year

We aimed to:

  1. Develop a plan to deliver our social care development strategy, including finding ways to improve our existing service and extending our activities to reach more people. We’ve created a development strategy, which over the next four years, aims to enable an extra 500 people to use our residential and supported living services. By listening to what people want, we will create the services they have told us they most need.

    To reach more people, we will continue to develop the capacity and quality of our buildings, through a targeted programme of capital expenditure. We also aim to grow our services to offer high quality residential care and supported living, and offer transitional services to support people to live more independently.

  2. Continue to manage staff more efficiently. This will include a review of staff rostering to ensure we are providing the right level of support to people. One of our biggest priorities is to make sure we have the right people to do what is a very important, fulfilling and sometimes difficult job. Our people are our greatest asset and making sure we manage our workforce in the right way is essential. As a part of this, we are developing a new people strategy that will enable us to attract, recruit, retain, reward and develop the right people. In conjunction with this, we have started a pilot project for a ‘right people, right place’ programme that will implement standardised processes. This will make sure we roster and deploy our staff in an effective way that also works for them.

  3. Review our information governance systems, so we can evidence good practice in data management across all areas of our work. Last year, we began an organisation-wide information governance project. We’ve made good progress towards achieving the standards set out in level 2 of the NHS Information Governance toolkit. We expect to achieve this milestone in 2016/17. This work includes communicating with our staff and volunteers and offering training, to help them learn more about information governance. During the year, we’ve also taken a number of steps to strengthen our IT security. This will help us to protect ourselves from cyberattacks.

Going beyond our goals

In November 2015, we held our annual conference for our senior leadership team. Over 170 managers came together from across the UK and from our international offices in Kenya and Sierra Leone. The conference was a great opportunity for our senior leaders to meet face to face to discuss the organisation’s plans and future direction. We were honoured that Jane Hutt, Welsh Assembly Member, Cabinet Member for Finance and Government Business, joined us to speak about her role in our Home Truths campaign, where she’s been working with us to make sure disabled people get all the support they

The conference set us up for looking ahead to 2016, feeling united in our mission to support people all over the world.

Our goals for next year

Volunteer driver helping a wheelchair user out of a vanWe aim to:

  • Achieve the standards set out in level 2 of the NHS Information Governance toolkit, continue to improve cyber security and review our approach to paper records management.
  • Develop and implement our people strategy with particular focus on three areas: attracting and recruiting the right people; reward and recognition; and empowering and developing our service managers.
  • Conclude our pilot of the ‘right people, right place’ project and start its roll out across our services.