Unemployment rates for people with disabilities reach up to 90% in some low income countries.

We have supported over 17,000 people with disabilities into paid or self-employment in Africa and Asia, and provided skills training for nearly 50,000.

Our innovative ‘Livelihoods Resource Centres’ act as one-stop-shops for disabled people seeking employment, providing training, career guidance and links between employees and employers. They are unique in offering the full range of support that disabled people need when looking for jobs or becoming self-employed.

We currently have livelihoods projects in Bangladesh, China, India, Liberia, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Our projects:

Recognising innovative practice

In December 2012 our Livelihoods Resource Centres were chosen by the Zero Project's selection committee of renowned disability and employment experts as an outstanding example of ‘Innovative Practice’ relating to people with disabilities and employment.